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The Best and award winning locksmiths in Dubai for making master key system with high quality locksmith services. Our best locksmith Dubai provides the excellent Master Key Solution. We offer the services of designing either a new or adding to an existing Master Key System for your organization.

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Master Key System

A master key system means a system whereby pre-defined doors can be opened with a single key. The main advantages of such a system are better control, saving of key replacement costs and ease of use because there is less number of keys. No bunch of keys is required to carry all the time. This system helps to give you access to all the rooms either for security staff or administration personnel. It is convenient to use as well as helpful in case of emergency.

Top most features and benefits of master key system are here as under:

  1. Master key is a system made especially for your residential and commercial needs, irrespective of the type of premises, like small, large, complex, residential, commercial, etc.
  2. A tailor-made master key plan that includes a logical key and a cylinder numbering system that is flexible enough.
  3. A flexible master key system, which can grow and change with your organization in long term.
  4. It reduces number of keys to enhance control and lower the cost of your key replacements.
  5. It has integration with your access control system if needed, so you have a single tool of mechanical keys as well as electronic badges.
  6. There are key clips in many different colors, so you can assign one color per zone, which is a great organizational help.
  7. There is a special 'Key planner' design tool to help your plan online, including your key requirements, long-term overall size of your locking system, and your user hierarchy.

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